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He has recently worked for more than four years as the lead developer and product lead of an edtech gaming startup, building their product from the ground up. After the company’s acquisition, he managed the transition of the product before ending his time there. He currently leads a game studio focusing on Web3 game development and is eager to work on new, challenging projects and goals. is a blockchain recruitment marketplace for blockchain job seekers and blockchain employers. It connects blockchain talent to blockchain jobs all over the world. You’ll be able to hire a single developer or a dedicated team to work on your project so that you don’t have to put it together yourself.

  • Riseup labs ‘is here’ to build your own offshore / onsite development team with ‘top notch’ IT staff.
  • Although most might not be actively looking for a job, it is still an effective way to get visibility and connect with top blockchain software developers.
  • So, hire Blockchain programmers to build quality Blockchain solutions while keeping our valuable business records safe from malicious users.
  • The professional I got to work with was on the phone with me within a couple of hours.
  • We can help you find the best-dedicated resources within no time.
  • Then after broadcasting, everyone can verify the sender using their public key, which is available through the network. is a large online marketplace for freelancers. It’s not confined to software development, however, it features many technology jobs. Although it’s not confined to technology professionals, you can hire blockchain developers here. Blockchain development is the process of creating and maintaining a decentralized and tamper-resistant digital ledger using blockchain technology. Blockchain developers work on building blockchain-based applications that can be used to solve various business problems and create new opportunities.

YouTeam blockchain developer hourly rates

You can read more about how we ensure the highest performance of developers in this detailed review. We already have a pool of tested and vetted developers available at any moment. Anonyo is an active OS contributor with 9+ years of back-end experience. He knows how to build new features from scratch, starting from an idea to the full implementation.

So, whether you need help with legal or tech solutions, we are there to help. In addition, your business can get marketing and PR for your ICO campaign. Hire remote Blockchain developers to build feature-rich wallets for holding crypto assets securely. So, you can enjoy features like biometric, multi-signature, and biometric authentication in your Blockchain wallet. Also, Riseup Labs’ experts develop bitcoin wallets, online, and portable wallets to exchange popular cryptocurrencies securely and reliably. Hire Blockchain programmers for strategic coin development services and grow your business.

DevTeam.Space: The best website to find the best blockchain developers to hire

These developers are in high demand – and it’s no wonder why. If it is digital, almost all mobile application projects create custom visuals of how the app will look and feel before developing. Hire Blockchain experts to develop user-friendly Blockchain travel apps. Riseup Labs uses agile methodologies to offer high-quality apps with advanced functions and optimum quality without compromising security.

hire freelance blockchain developers

Create a project specification and outline the skills that you will need from your developers. Once you have this you can start the interview process with the blockchain development company. Alternatively, send DevTeam.Space your project specification and you can onboard the most suitable software engineers in a matter of days. While it’s not only for technology professionals, there are many software development jobs on this platform.

What Blockchain development services does Riseup Labs offer?

Now that you have an overview of blockchain technology, here are some questions every blockchain application developer should be able to answer clearly in an interview. After that, a block can be broadcasted through the whole blockchain network—but that doesn’t mean it’s accepted yet. When a block is transmitted, each node that receives it can decide to append this block onto its most extended chain. We can say that a transaction is accepted when a specific number of nodes have added this block onto their chains. Toptal offers a no-compromise solution to businesses undergoing rapid development and scale.

hire freelance blockchain developers

Blocks have specific storage capacities and, when filled, are closed and linked to the previous block, forming a chain of data in the “Blockchain.” Riseup Labs’ Blockchain experts are skilled in Hyperledger, Stellar, Tezos, EOS, Tron, and more. Hire Blockchain developers and get dedicated support 24x7x365. Hire remote Blockchain developers and only pay their salaries. Riseup Labs’ State of the Art infrastructure is well equipped with advanced IT tools and systems. We provide two major models, each with its own set of benefits so that you can hire Blockchain experts on the most attractive conditions.

What are the benefits of Blockchain?

Our experts have a working knowledge of Solidity, Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, and much more. So, hire Blockchain programmers for every type of Blockchain development needs. Riseup Labs offers comprehensive Blockchain development services for building revolutionary, secure, and protected decentralized apps.

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