The greatest form of like is highly dependent on the sort out of like cherished most of the certain personal

The greatest form of like is highly dependent on the sort out of like cherished most of the certain personal

Philia are a smooth like, and may even not even be employed to define very romantic otherwise romantic relationships, reserved instead to own relationship noted by the comfort, steady love, and you may simplicity

  • Philia is amongst the words and phrases always determine the brand new brand of like modern English you’ll call “brotherly love” or “familial like.” Philia is an easygoing type of like, described as passion, common value, and you may common care. Simple fact is that types of love most frequently from the familial dating (siblings, cousins, aunts and you may uncles), relationships, and you may people relationship, like those you might find within this a church or subculture.
  • Pragma is often the aim of an extended-title matchmaking. Pragma pertains to a romance, intimacy, limerence, love, and you may lasting love, however, is based very greatly chatiw bezpÅ‚atna wersja próbna with the closeness, love, and relationship. Limerence is good to start with grade of pragma love, however, will usually quit as a love continues. Pragma ‘s the version of like which is smaller apparently associated having similarity, actual appeal, triangular concept, and you can fixation, since the pragma comes to long-name partnership and a devotion to creating a relationship really works, even if other types of love, passion, and you will interest enjoys faded. A relationship triangle, lovesickness, lovestruck, fanatical decisions, and you can dependency could be the the very least probably issue to-be in pragma, as it’s often the sort of love utilized in effective, long-identity marriages, and you will happy, long-name partnerships.
  • Storge is the like shared ranging from moms and dads and kids. This type of love was separate off their systems due to the fact they bears a different sort of sorts of unconditional like. Mothers, in suit adult matchmaking, do not base their love for kids about what its people manage, whatever they state, otherwise whatever they give her or him. As an alternative, parents ft the love for their children to the physical base away from deep, unending love and worry. Storge like was a continuous “publish file” away from love on to an effective childs proverbial harddisk.

For the majority of, agape is a vital type of like, whilst relates to new like indicated and you will believed for all those because of the spiritual viewpoints like, deities; simple visibility perception are regarding the ludus like, which many people select extremely important, as it is how very matchmaking initiate; others faith pragma is an essential form of love because the it’s doing work in a lot of time-identity, ongoing commitment. The greatest types of like, considering most articles who has ancient greek language point out agape, while many cultures appear to revere the new love contained contained in this relationships demonstrated pragma.

Also referred to as “brotherly like,” philia try characterized by a provided rely upon, admiration to own, and you will estimation of just one another, and generally does not involve many welfare otherwise adventure. Once more making use of the analogy regarding a computer, philia love try a give-and-bring dating, where each party are continually hitting the “publish file” key regarding the relationship, similarly imparting efforts and you may focus on the relationship.

Auranophile was a person who dearly likes the brand new celebrities and also the moon, or gleans numerous morale or a sense of security about moon and you will stars. The term is made up of “urano,” extracted from the word for “the new heavens,” and you may “phile,” which is taken from the phrase “philos,” which means “dear” or “precious.”

While you are other forms from like-agape, eros, ludus, mania, and you will storge-you’ll focus on relationship or a commitment, philia targets the fresh love shared anywhere between friends players

The expression “melophile” is comprised of one or two conditions: “melo,” regarding “melos,” and thus audio words, track, otherwise song, and “phile,” obtained from the term “philos,” and therefore dear, otherwise precious. Built, a great melophile was an individual who likes songs.

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